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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

P - New at PANTS

Have you been to PANTS yet? It's a store. It has underpants. It is part of the Trilogy of Awesome.

Currently we have:
- tees and undies and CDs
- Mary Green slinky cute lingerie
- Option G tanks and tees
- Super 7 nerdy-boy tees (tron, g-force, star wars, and godzilla, to name a few)
- Munki Munki pajama sets
- Pepper Peterson vintage hand sewn beach towel dresses
- Signature PANTS undies for men and women
- Ginch Gonch printed undies (men's wood grain design and women's hot dog design, to name a few)

And more is coming in every day. And you need some. And so does your mom. And your dad.

My dad loves his wood grain design boxer briefs from Ginch Gonch. Below is not my dad wearing them: