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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Moore Hotel

I finally got around to asking The Moore Hotel if you folks could get a discount and they said yes. SO just go to the link and when you are reserving your room and a comment that you are coming for the Plush You! show. If you call just do the same.

Also who's actually coming? I found out that Lizette Greco is coming which I was not expecting. Very exciting. If you add a comment here, I would love to see who else is planning on making it out.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Black Hot Cha Cha

It's flocked, it's awesome and I will be getting it very soon.

Ningyo Custom Contest

Here's the deal -- To enter, customize a Ningyo Gosho figure and submit pictures of the final piece by January 15th, 2008. To submit an entry upload it to the Gosho Competition Submissions Category in the Vinyl Pulse Community. The winner, chosen by public voting, will walk away with $500 and will work closely with Super Rad Toys to create a limited-edition (100 pieces) Ningyo Gosho based on the winning piece. Need a Gosho to work on ? Blank DIY Gosho's are available for competitors at a special reduced price of $35 (retail is $50).

This competition is all about the custom, so go all out. Whether you use markers, paint, Vcolor, found objects, other toy bits, or whatever else you have -- amaze us. Super Rad Toys will make every effort to ensure that the limited-edition figure based on the winner's design is as close to the custom as possible as far as paint application but will not modify the basic Gosho shape.

This is a 3 and a half month long-haul rather than a sprint. We're interested in the process as well as the final result. So over the course of the next three months we strongly encourage you to share your process with all of us on the Gosho Competition page in the Vinyl Pulse Community. Maybe it's a rough sketch, or an in-progress photo or even a video. You name it, we want to see it.


* To enter customize a Ningyo Gosho figure and submit pictures of your original custom in the Gosho Competition Submissions photo gallery (Vinyl Pulse Community).
* Deadline to enter is January 15th, 2008. The winner chosen by public voting will receive $500 cash. Super Rad Toys will also work closely with the winner to produce a limited-edition Gosho (100 pcs) based on the winning design.